Deploy a WordPress Instance on Azure with a Custom Domain

I did it and so can you!

  • Reference material: Create a WordPress Site
  • Prerequisite: Azure tenant with active subscription and custom domain
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Microsoft’s documentation for creating a WordPress site in Azure is a great start, but the below tutorial expands on creating a WordPress Site leveraging the latest Azure web UI and adding a custom secure domain.

Step 1. Create WordPress on App Service

Navigate to https://portal.azure.com/#create/WordPress.WordPress to access the WordPress on App Service Wizard.

  1. Subscription: Select the appropriate Azure subscription and resource group or create a new resource group.
  2. Hosting Details: Select the appropriate region for your server and a unique name for your new web application
  3. Hosting Plans: Select the “Change Plan” link to view all available plan options for your deployment.
    • Basic is suitable for most hobby and research purposes.
    • Standard for general production applications.
    • Premium for heavy workload production applications
  4. WordPress Setup: Configure your default language, admin email, username, and password
  5. Select Review + Create. Verify details and select Create – That’s it for a basic deployment!

Step 2: Add a Custom Domain to your App Service

Navigate to your App Service and select Custom Domains from the left-hand menu under Settings

Select Add custom domain

  1. Domain Provider: If your domain was purchased outside of Azure, such as GoDaddy, select “All other domain services”
  2. TLS/SSL certificate: If you already own a 3rd party certificate select “Add certificate later”, otherwise select “App Service Manager Certificate”
  3. TLS/SSL Type: For a free of cost option select “SNI SSL”. IP Based SSL is only supported in the standard tier app service deployment.
  4. Upon entering your domain name, Azure will populate domain validation entries. Add these entries into your DNS records through your domain provider. Select validate to verify domain ownership.

Step 3: Secure your Domain for HTTPS access

If you selected “App Service Manager Certificate” upon adding your custom domain, Azure will create a certificate on your behalf. Note: The certificate takes about 10 minutes to create and may not be present immediately.

After waiting 10 minutes, if you do not see a certificate listed for your custom domain you can select “Add certificate”

Once the certificate is created go back to “Custom Domains” and add the SNI SSL binding.

Congratulations! You now have a WordPress instance with a custom secure domain!

Access your WordPress Administration portal by navigating to https://yourdomain.com/wp-admin and login with the username and password you specified during the initial WordPress deployment.

Pro-tip: Did you forget your WordPress Admin username and password? From the Configuration settings of your app service you can view or edit your WordPress Admin username and password.

Happy Blogging!

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